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Midlife on Fire On-line Series

12:00 am, 2.12.18 to 12:00 am, 3.30.18

Join me as I am interviewed by Eva Medilek, host of the “Midlife on Fire” series, where we discuss, how to create powerful shifts in thoughts and actions to ignite a life of WOW!  The event brings together more than 21 experts (myself included) to share insights and expertise on how to remove the limiting beliefs that stop you from pursuing your dreams and goals, so you can make THIS the best time of your life! It starts Monday, February 12th and you can gain access to the interviews here.

Our interview is scheduled to air on February 23rd.  When you go to the link above, you’ll gain access to all of these REAL, short, content-rich conversations with a variety of experts, and you’ll learn techniques and strategies to shift from the inaction of your comfort zone into action towards your dreams.

Here’s some of what’s going to be covered in the video interview:

  • How to break old habits and beliefs that hold you back, so you can finally start taking action toward a life that lights your soul on fire!
  • How to laugh at the challenges of midlife so you can stop letting them hold you back and instead rebuild into the next beautiful version of yourself.
  • One thing you can start doing right away to feel better, physically and emotionally, and look great too (this is something many women overlook!).
  • Simple, powerful tools you can use now (and every day) to take control of your finances, make happiness a habit (really!), and promote overall well-being.
  • Where you are now, in your comfort zone – which is the place where dreams go to die – and how to escape so you can finally live exactly as you want to.
  • Exercises to repair your brain and prevent dementia so you can stay sharp as you pursue the new, best phase of your life!

And much more!


12:00 am, 2.19.18 to 12:00 am, 3.26.18

I’m proud to be part of an amazing international team of psychologists, nurses, leadership coaches, and other experts.   We’ve put together an inspiring, energizing, comprehensive virtual event that starts on February 19th. Each day you’ll learn from a different expert about the latest research and cutting edge action steps you need to live joyfully, and get your life back.

I know how frustrating it feels to be exhausted and overwhelmed all the time — you don’t need to deal with it alone. Help is on the way – but you need to take action to get it.

This event is FREE, but it will only be available once, and then it will be gone for good.  Click here to REGISTER and learn how to GET YOUR LIFE BACK.

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