Self Reboot is different than other wellness providers because it was created by a former corporate burnout with over 17 years of experience working in a stressful enviroment.  Since launching in 2014 we have rebooted over 150 companies.  Self Reboot is a preferred vendor with Cigna Healthcare.

We offer a variety of onsite and online classes focusing on stress management, healthy eating, mental wellness, yoga and chair workouts.  Employess will be encouraged to stay on their wellness journey with our monthly eNewsletters, invitations to free pop-up classes, plus free access to chair workout videos and guided meditations.    

All services & packages can be customized by request. 


Designed for convenienceno changing required.

  •  Breathing techniques to calm down and relax
  •  Chair yoga stretches to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back
  •  Standing yoga poses to boost energy
  •  Guided meditation to quiet the mind
  •  Activate and strengthen muscles afflicted from chronic sitting
  •  Prevent future or existing joint pain and muscular tension
  •  Promote blood flow and provide oxygen to muscles to avoid muscular inhibition through isometrics


1-Hour Workshop (40 minute presentation + 20 minute Reboot & Stretch)

Stress Less Thrive More
Learn life changing tips and tools on how to manage stress and build resiliency. 

  •  How stress effects the body
  •  Why moods are contagious
  •  Recognize negativity bias 
  •  Rewire your brain with postive thinking and gratitude.

Power Plate
Learn the importance of fueling the body with whole foods to improve overall health.  

  •  Why shift to nutrient dense foods
  •  Why processed foods are unhealthy
  •  Foods to avoid in stressful times
  •  Foods to eat for energy
  •  Seasonal fruits and vegetables to eat
  •  Mindful eating tips

Digital Detox
Learn the truth and implications of today’s smartphone and screen addiction.

  •  How screen addiction impacts our lives mentally, phyically, socially and financially.
  •  The negative effects of social media
  •  The importance of stillness and how to embrace it
  •  Ways to decrease daily usage


Slow Flow & Let Go
A soothing yoga class focusing on  breathing, basic postures and alignment.  Ending with a guided mediation and aromatherapy to leave you 
feeling calm, balanced and rejuvenated.

60 Minutes

Recommended for EVERYBODY

Laugh Out Loud
Playful exercises with lots of laughter. Laugh away stress and let go of whatever is weighing you down. 

30 Minutes

No equipment, no changing and recommended for EVERYONE.

Reduce stress, improve balance and concentration with an introduction class.  Learn the essential principles:

  •  Mindfulness
  •  Control of movements
  •  Breathing
  •  Generating internal energy

30 Minutes

No changing or equipment and recommended for EVERYONE.