Self Reboot is different than other wellness providers.  Why? Because it was created by Dawn Lorentz, a former corporate burnout who spent 20 years in a toxic and stressful work environment; causing her to suffer from chronic migraines, insomnia, depression and autoimmune disease.

When working with Self Reboot, you’re getting Dawn to personally teach the skills she’s mastered in managing stress in the workplace.  Plus the relationship doesn’t end after class. You’ll receive Dawn’s weekly stress management eNewsletter, invitations to free pop-up classes, Self Reboot videos and guided meditations.   

Since launching in 2014, Dawn has rebooted over 100 companies and is a preferred vendor with Cigna Healthcare.

What do we offer?  A variety of classes (on-site or on-line) dedicated to empowering employees with simple tools to manage stress, avoid stress-related illnesses, and burnout.   All services & packages can be completely customized based on your organization or corporation’s specific needs and objective.

The Self Reboot Signature Class

Designed for convenienceno changing required and held in a conference room, lunch room or an open space with chairs.   Super easy to implement.

Employees will be lead through a series of exercises including:

  • Breathing techniques to calm down and relax
  • Chair yoga stretches to relieve tension in the neck, shoulders and lower back
  • Standing yoga poses to boost energy
  • Guided meditation to quiet the mind


We offer a variety of presentations where employees learn life changing tips and tools for living a healthier and happier life.      (60 Minutes Total = 40 minute presentation + 20 minute Self Reboot)

Stress Less Thrive More
Employees will learn life changing tips and tools on how to balance the struggles of work and life. 

  • How to identify signs & symptoms of stress
  • The effects of stress on your health
  • Ways to manage stress
  • Retrain your brain with mindfulness

Power Plate
Employees will learn the importance of fueling the body with whole foods to improve their overall health.  

  • Foods to avoid in stressful times
  • Foods to eat for energy
  • The Healthy Plate guidelines
  • Seasonal fruits & vegetables

Digital Detox
Employees will learn the truth about smartphones and social media addiction:

  • How it impacts life:  physically, financially, psychologically and socially
  • Replace the temptation with healthy habits
  • Track usage and set time limits
  • Free yourself from FOMA by embracing the out-of-site rule

Workplace Resilience
Employees will learn how to bounce back from difficult times and move forward in a positive manner.

  • What is resilience
  • How to build resilience in the workplace
  • Workplace stress
  • Essential practices: social involvement, mindfulness, self care & gratitude


Boost employee morale and build a community feel with weekly yoga classes and/or host a special event.

Vinyasa Flow
60 minute vinyasa flow focusing on relieving stress and tension in your body. Employees will be lead through sun salutations and basic postures. Like a moving meditation, this class will help quiet the mind and leave you feeling calm, balanced and rejuvenated.

Wine followed by yoga is a wonderful way to extend the calm, zen feeling a little longer, before it’s time to face the hustle and bustle. The event starts with 60 minutes of chair yoga or a gentle vinyasa flow focusing on relieving stress and tension in your body. Followed by a 10 minute guided meditation with aromatherapy. Now that you are feeling relaxed – it’s time to drink, snack on healthy bites and mingle with your coworkers.