Why Self Reboot?   I come from the corporate world.  Before starting Self Reboot, I worked in the consulting group at CBRE.   My group worked sixty hours a week and was accessible seven days a week, so I know what it’s like working in fast paced environment, chasing back-to-back deadlines at a New-York-minute pace.   Not only did I personally experience how stress effects health and happiness, I also saw what it did to my colleagues.

Since 2014, Self Reboot has rebooted over 100 mid-to-large size companies in New York and New Jersey.  We maintain a significant percentage rate for continuing services.  Self Reboot is an authorized vendor with Cigna Healthcare and several other insurance brokerage firms.

What do we offer?  A variety of classes (on-site or on-line) dedicated to empowering employees with simple tools to manage stress, avoid stress-related illnesses, and burnout.

There are a variety of ways we might be able to work together. All services & packages can be completely customized based on your organization or corporation’s specific needs and objective.

The Self Reboot Signature Class

Designed for convenienceno changing required and held in a conference room, lunch room or an open space with chairs.   Super easy to implement.

Employees will be lead through a series of exercises including:

  • Breathing techniques to reduce stress and increase energy
  • Chair yoga exercises focusing on relieving stress & tension in the body
  • Standing yoga exercises to boost energy
  • 10 minute guided meditation


We offer a variety of presentations where employees learn life changing tips and tools for living a healthier and happier life.      (60 Minutes Total = 40 minute presentaiton + 20 minute Self Reboot)

Stress Less & Savor More
Employees will learn life changing tips and tools on how to balance the struggles of work and life. The session begins with a presentation on emotional wellness discussing:

  • How to identify signs & symptons of stress
  • The effects of stress on your health
  • Ways to manage stress
  • Retrain your brain with “Happiness Habits”

Reboot & Rejuvenate 
Employees will learn the importance of fueling the body with whole foods to improve their overall health.  

  • Foods to avoid in stressful times
  • Foods to eat for energy
  • The Healthy Plate
  • Seasonal fruits & vegetables

Get & Stay Fit
An important aspect of stress management is exercise.  Employees will learn how much aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity each individual needs to stay healthy as well as what kinds of activity are best for each person’s body type. In addition, they will learn:

  • Benefits of exercise
  • Exercise precautions and safety
  • How much aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity is needed to stay healthy
  • Workout ideas for getting started

Workplace Resilience
Employees will learn how to bounce back from difficult times and move forward in a positive manner.

  • What is resilience
  • How to build resilience in the workplace
  • Workplace stress
  • Essential practices: social involvement, mindfulness, self care & gratitude


Boost employee morale and build a community feel with weekly yoga classes and/or host a special event.

Vinyasa Flow
60 minute vinyasa flow focusing on relieving stress and tension in your body. Employees will be lead through sun salutations and basic postures. Like a moving meditation, this class will help quiet the mind and leave you feeling calm, balanced and rejuvenated.

Wine followed by yoga is a wonderful way to extend the calm, zen feeling a little longer, before it’s time to face the hustle and bustle. The event starts with 60 minutes of chair yoga or a gentle vinyasa flow focusing on relieving stress and tension in your body. Followed by a 10 minute guided meditation with aromatherapy. Now that you are feeling relaxed – it’s time to drink, snack on healthy bites and mingle with your coworkers.