Optimal health is not achieved in isolation or overnight. However, with the right team, tools, and time, you can reach your goals.

Self Reboot is a boutique wellness company offering IN-PERSON and VIRTUAL wellness workshops and classes. Specializing in stress management, fitness, mental health, healthy eating, and financial health.

Reboot & upgrade your wellness capabilities TODAY!

We practice what we teach. Our methods are proven, relatable and motivating because they’re based on; real-life applications and developed and tested in the Corporate marketplace for over 9 years.

Hybrid Module.  We offer on-site workshops in New Jersey and NYC.

Preferred vendor of Cigna.

FREE Online Pop-Up Fitness Classes to help promote employees’ health and well-being.

All scheduling, questions, logistics, reminders, set-up, and follow-up is handled by Self Reboot. Nothing is outsourced so answers are quick and accurate.


Self Reboot