“As a Vice Chairman of CBRE, I am in an incredibly stressful, Type A environment where my clients expect to reach me 24/7. Since I began working one on one with Dawn, I have seen a remarkable transformation in my overall physical and mental health.

Dawn’s programs run the gamut from mentally visioning a peaceful stress-free life to physical exercises that relieve the body of stress, creating maximum flexibility and eliminating all types of pain. For a major corporation, I highly recommend that you incorporate Dawn’s programs into your employees daily work lives. I am confident that your employees will become significantly more productive within a month of working with Dawn.

Patrick Murphy

Executive Vice Chairman, Cushman & Wakefield

As a wellness consultant, I recommend Dawn to all of my clients who wish to integrate stress reduction programs into the workplace. Her seminars and Self Reboot sessions keep employees happy and stress-free. She gives real, practical advice on how to reduce stress both at work and at home – and it works. I have had nothing but positive reviews from my clients on Dawn’s services. I highly recommend her to any workplace that wishes to reduce stress and prevent chronic disease in the workplace!

Zahra Jilani, Health Engagement Partner, Cigna

“I currently work as a wellness strategist for a healthcare company and design wellness strategies for numerous different clients. I connected with Dawn about a year ago and have been recommending her to my clients ever since. Her Self Reboot class has been absolutely wonderful for employers looking to give back to their employees. The employees walk away with practical stress relieving techniques.

Dawn is both knowledgeable and professional which makes her very easy to work with. Referring her has continually reflected well on both me and my company. While I make the initial connection, the majority of my clients end up having her back on a continued basis. To me that is the test of a great vendor that is worthy of recommendation.”

Kate Zeronda, CPWC,

Health Improvement Strategist, Cigna

“Dawn hosts her 30-minute Self Reboot program semi-monthly for Forbes employees. She incorporates breathing exercises, chair yoga and guided meditation during the session allowing employees time to reboot during the workday. Dawn’s techniques help improve attendees mental focus, relieve stress and increase energy. Dawn is extremely professional, approachable and upbeat. I have thoroughly enjoyed partnering with her and highly recommend her Self Reboot program to other organizations and individuals.”
Lindsey Hurley

Employee Benefits Associate, Forbes

“I recently scheduled Dawn to come and host her 30 minute Self Reboot program for our monthly Executive Assistant Staff meeting at PwC. The feedback from our group was amazing! Everyone loved it. They felt rejuvenated and refreshed and left the class with tools they could take away and use to reboot at their own desks in the future.

Dawn’s personal story in the corporate world makes this a unique experience. Her applications and techniques are practical and realistic and everyone felt comfortable participating. Dawn’s style is professional yet accessible and fun. This program was extremely beneficial to our staff and we look forward to having Dawn at future events”

Kelly Valentine

Executive Assistant, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

“Dawn’s Self Reboot session at JIBE was such a nice break from the auto-pilot ritual we go through daily in today’s workplace. Though we have many perks and a great team to have connections with throughout the day, it was really fantastic to bring together a large group and listen to Dawn’s soothing yet enthusiastic voice guide us through exercise that any age or personality would not only benefit but enjoy the experience. Her sequence was right on for beginners in yoga/mindful/meditation practice and certainly left the team interested in learning more about this in their daily lives once seeing how simple it can be to incorporate. We would highly recommend Dawn to any company that emphasizes forward thinking and encourages productivity and overall a more positive work environment. It’s an excellent benefit you can offer your team that will also benefit you as an employer! Thank you Dawn!”

Office Manager, People Services, JIBE

“Dawn has such a calming presence and radiant personality. She joined us at City Girl after an intense group workout and was able to “reboot” the ladies with a few calming exercises and breathing. I believe it’s super important to take time to reboot and recharge. Dawn has created a program that uses techniques you can do ANYWHERE! Next time you find yourself drained, feeling dull, sluggish or stressed—I highly recommend you connect with Dawn.”
Tammy West-Bennet

Founder, City Girls Food Fit Club

“Dawn brings such energy and passion to what she does, and it shines through when she’s working with her Self Reboot clients. We had her come to our office recently for an introduction to Self Reboot, and by the end of the session, the sense of calm amongst all of the participants was so palpable. Everyone was asking when she’d be back again to ‘reboot’ the office.”
Lauren Tarino

Marketing, CBRE

Self Reboot