The HYBRID SOLUTION to Employee Health and Wellness.  Self Reboot is a boutique wellness company offering IN PERSON and VIRTUAL wellness workshops and classes. Specializing in teaching employees real tools and practices to fit into their busy lives.

  •   Stress Management
  •   Emotional Wellness
  •   Fitness
  •   Healthy Eating
  •   Financial Wellness
  •   Social Wellness (DEI)

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Contact Dawn for pricing & availability at or 201-805-0481.

Our dedicated team is passionate and well respected in the wellness industry.  We are committed to encouraging employers and employees to continue their wellness journey with free invitations to pop-up classes and access to our online video library.


Creating a Smooth Transition Back to the Office 

Whether you’re returning to the office full time or just a few days per week, the disruption to your daily routine can feel daunting. Suddenly, you’ll be interacting with far more people than usual, and you’ll probably need to adjust your schedule to accommodate your commute.  Learn how to lessen the stress by:

  •  Discovering the positives that come with change and going back to the office.
  •  Figuring out what feels comfortable and developing a plan to respect your personal boundaries.
  •  Acknowledging and working through the fears of physically interacting with co-workers.
  •  Practicing mindfulness and self-care to help cope with the stress of change.



Self Reboot