Self Reboot is a boutique wellness company offering IN PERSON and VIRTUAL wellness workshops and classes. Specializing in teaching employees real tools and practices to fit into their busy lives.

  •   Stress Management
  •   Mental / Emotional Wellness
  •   Fitness
  •   Nutrition / Healthy Eating 
  •   Financial Wellness

Our dedicated team is passionate and well-respected in the wellness industry.  We are committed to encouraging employers and employees to continue their wellness journey with free invitations to pop-up classes and access to our online video library.

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Presented by Diane Lang, MA, PPC
We all want a balanced life but what does that look like? Feel like? To have a balanced life, we need to have good routines, boundaries, and self-care.  In this session, we will dive into creating balance by setting up healthy boundaries, being
self-aware of what types of healthy boundaries exist, creating good routines, and making self-care realistic and attainable. 


Presented by Elisa England, MS, RDN
1-hour (includes cooking demo and Q&A)Stress: There is no avoiding it, but having strategies to manage it can be a powerful tool for your health. Uncover specific foods that help you to feel calm, cool and collected while you explore a mindful approach to combat stress eating.


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