Corporate Wellness Training prepares you for teaching in the corporate environment. The course functions as an introduction to the basic rules of etiquette and appropriate behavior, consistent with EEO standards, and focuses on the fundamental differences between corporate culture and the yoga studio. The course provides a format and procedure for teaching stress-reduction techniques including chair yoga, meditation, and deep breathing.

Topics Covered:

  • Corporate Wellness & Resilience
  • Signs of Stress and How It Effects Health & Productivity
  • Tools to Manage Stress at Work & Home
  • Chair Yoga Sequences
  • Self Reboot’s Signature 30 Minute Class
  • Office Meditations

What’s Included:

  • 10 Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) with Yoga Alliance
  • Self Reboot’s Manual
  • 4 Instructional Videos on Chair Yoga
  • 5 Guided Meditations

$299 Tuition price CLICK HERE to register

Self Reboot